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WhatsApp Black Apk
App Name WhatsApp Black Apk
App Version V30
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category Black WhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7988)

Many people are looking to update and download Black WhatsApp,🤩 as it is an important application that includes all the capabilities of the original WhatsApp application, in addition to many other unparalleled features and capabilities, because it allows you to send more videos. for this reason; Black WhatsApp lets you hide flags that tell the sender you've read messages, and countless other possibilities.

Features of downloading Black WhatsApp

Black WhatsApp has several important features, including:

💠 Conference Call: This app allows you to make a conference call.

Include all of your friends by clicking on the call icon and choosing Group Call.

💠Recover Deleted Messages: This app helps you to read the messages that your friends have sent to you. It keeps a quick copy of messages as soon as they reach you and ensures that they are not deleted.

💠 It gives you privacy for your videos and photos: it allows you to block videos can also appear in your study, with a few simple steps. It consists of entering the conversation, choosing Media View, and then choosing to hide videos from the gallery and photos.

💠Black WhatsApp😍 supports private stickers: The sticker feature has been added in Black WhatsApp, where this feature helps you to send and receive these stickers to your friends, it is in the application that supports all stickers, and there are many more inside.

Privacy in Black WhatsApp

There are several privacy settings in Black WhatsApp,🤩 including:

🔆 The possibility of activating the hidden writing feature: it does not appear to the recipient who writes to you, but displays the word online now.

🔆Helps you hide bookmarks to read messages that are shown to the sender.

🔆You can hide tabs for reception.

🔆Helps you operate two different numbers in WhatsApp.

🔆You can keep your chats secure with chat lock password.

🔆It helps you download download links every day that makes you always use the latest version.

The most important features developed in downloading Black WhatsApp

There are many features that Black WhatsApp has, including:

🔅 The ability to download Black WhatsApp on your phone with ease.

🔅 The ability to see messages that have been deleted from the conversation.

🔅 It features a new look for WhatsApp.

🔅 Helps increase the number of new Arabic images.

🔅 It is characterized by increasing the time of video statuses that allow you to upload a status of more than 30 seconds.

🔅Update and download Black WhatsApp🤗 without installation problems.

Information about downloading Black WhatsApp for Android phones

Download the Black WhatsApp🥰 update and download the Black WhatsApp WhatsApp is the best choice for Android phones, for the following reasons:

🔰 This application is one of the best important applications that help send messages quickly and professionally.

🔰 It also allows you to send videos, audios, photos and stickers to friends with complete professionalism.

🔰 Developers created this application in 2009, because it is one of the easy applications that you only need an Android phone and a SIM card to run, because it is easy to use.

🔰 It is easy to use when downloading many updates and developments for WhatsApp.

🔰This program is downloadable on all Android, Windows and iPhone phones, and is also available for download on a PC.

The link to download the application is very easy and is available at the bottom of the article, as it is a direct link.

🔰 All you have to do to launch the application is to add your name and phone number, then launch the application associated with the device in which it was downloaded, as it is one of the simple applications intended for chatting.

🔰 It is very important in the field of texting, as it has gained wide popularity since its inception.

Download Black WhatsApp

Downloading this app is your best choice for the following reasons:

It makes you happy when you update it with many unparalleled features and also helps you connect to the service for free.

Sending SMS, it is always updated, and it supports many applications developed in 2018. Facebook took over the WhatsApp application that developed and continues to do so according to user settings.

Until 2017, according to the measures taken in 2017, the application had one billion users in 180 countries, in all regions of the Arab world and abroad.

Information about downloading Black WhatsApp for Android phones

🌐 Features of the Black WhatsApp app

This wonderful application has many advantages, namely:

One of the best programs and WhatsApp applications that are used for chatting, video calls, and all social media.

This application is very easy to use, and its features are endless, it helps you to use some hidden skins.

🌐 Features of downloading Black WhatsApp

The advantages of this application are endless, including:

🔆 It contains three dots that allow you to enter many privacy settings.

There are many privacy settings that allow you to hide your presence in the WhatsApp application and allow you to turn off the Internet on the WhatsApp application and use other applications, and these are among the great features in it.

🔆This wonderful program allows you to see all the messages sent to you without showing your friends that you have read these messages and do not respond to them, as if you do not give them reading marks.

🔆 The application has a feature to hide your writing of messages, as this feature helps to hide the messages that you write to friends, as it shows them that you are only connected to the Internet.

🔆Show the voice recording feature because this is a feature dedicated to hide all voice messages. This application hides that you are recording voice messages, as it only shows that you are online and hidden.

🔆 There is also sending long stories in the application, because it is one of the functions that allows you to post statuses and videos in any number, regardless of their size.

🔆This app only keeps statuses for 24 hours.

🔆Helps you see your friends' status without showing that you've seen them.

🔆 It is distinguished by its retention of deleted messages, because it keeps a very fast copy of the messages, and this allows you to view them as soon as they reach you and not delete them permanently.

🔆You can run the Black WhatsApp update every time you enter the application, as it is characterized by speaking directly without the need to re-register again in the application.

🔆This app allows you to create a hidden chat, which means you can make a secret call that no one can see.

🌐Information about downloading WhatsApp for Android phones

This application contains exclusive things, and among these things are the following:

🔆Helps you find all messages that have been deleted by the other party.

🔆Allows you to use the feature of not showing videos and photos in the gallery.

🔆Helps you hold conferences with friends through group video calls.

🔆It helps you to add all the people you want to add on your mobile phone.

🔆This app protects your privacy by hiding writes when you download the latest update.

🔆Hides the blue tick that appears on the other side that you have read their message.

🔆This app allows you to run more than one WhatsApp number at the same time.

🔆The app helps you hide your messages with secret chats.

What is privacy in Black WhatsApp?

The version of Black WhatsApp 🤩has many features that can reach more than a thousand, and there are many additions that distinguish it from other types of WhatsApp; Like regular WhatsApp, it is green, and its most prominent features include the following:

💠 Black WhatsApp user can use more than one WhatsApp number.

💠 Through the Black WhatsApp program, you can send group messages to all groups and people registered with you on WhatsApp.

💠 Dear user, you can send a number of photos and at the same time a number of videos at the same time.

💠You can hide your presence on the application in Black WhatsApp and it does not appear that you are active now through the privacy feature provided by the program.

💠No one can delete your messages on Black WhatsApp without permission.

💠 Its colors are beautiful, attractive, and manageable in all applications.

🔰 Black WhatsApp

The user can extend the update period to three months.

Thus, the user takes a period of time to update his program instead of the recent updates made in the regular green WhatsApp, and the developer has added to the program its latest version; There is no need to develop Black WhatsApp over time.

Among the most prominent features that it offers is that it is a free application, and it also added an option to the main screen of the phone, where you, dear user, can read the entire Holy Quran and its reminders. In the morning and evening.

It is considered among the safe versions that have been made in the recent period.

🔰 The latest version of Black WhatsApp

Dear customer, you can save a file in the Black WhatsApp application for the new version, and there are other features, it allows you to add stickers from the Google Play page with ease, along with countless other features.

Features of Black WhatsApp

🔰Performance for downloading the status in Black WhatsApp without external applications.

🔰You can select a group of people registered in the group message list, and you can send a message to several groups with one click.

🔰 Black WhatsApp contains up to 4000 themes.

🔰 You can keep all your important messages because it is a new updated version against ban.

🔰 Several numbers for the WhatsApp program can also be used on one phone, and this feature is available in Black WhatsApp.

🔰While searching for WhatsApp themes in the new update, I found an update on Black WhatsApp.

🔰 The developer has activated the stickers, as they have been updated in WhatsApp. Here, dear Black WhatsApp user, you can add the cool stickers.

Express fun in the chat, and you can also use it and send it to your friends when talking and messaging.

🌐 Latest update from Black WhatsApp

🔰 You can download and update Black WhatsApp🤩 latest version through the link.

🔰You can also download it for free for Android with all the features.

The developer is also working hard to develop more and solve their problems in the near future.

It is worth noting that one of the most important upcoming additions developed by the developer of the Black WhatsApp program is that he worked on developing the language.

Black WhatsApp works in Italian as well as another language which is Portuguese.

🔰 Among the fixes that the developer is putting in is how to share and send.

Download Black WhatsApp update from the official website.

Dear Black WhatsApp user, you can download and update the program with its link. It is at the end of today's app article, and you can download it for free through your Android devices.

🌐Black WhatsApp update

🔰 If you, dear reader, are among the people who use Black WhatsApp and you have on your device any of the other types of versions you can easily perform the update process.

🔰 Through the link available at the end of our topic today. You, dear reader, have to use Black WhatsApp🤩. You just need to click on the link automatically, and you have saved the copy for your chats and data, and before doing that, make sure that you are using the latest version on your phone and check that your messages are back and save your private data.

How do I upload and download Black WhatsApp?

💠 Everyone is wondering how to download or download Black WhatsApp?

💠Also many are wondering how easy it is to download and update?

All answers will be explained to you. Dear user, you can download, download and update the program easily and at the same time, but with some requirements that must be met, including internet speed for fast download. The quality of the device used and its high or weak technologies.

💠Black WhatsApp is safe?

A question asked by many regarding the security of Black WhatsApp🤩, so the developer informed us that the program is considered safe and free from all harmful viruses because it was built on the basis of green WhatsApp, and it works on the same servers for the green WhatsApp, which is the same as the green WhatsApp, but the developer was able to add several functions that were not available and the developer did a complete scan for insecure codes.

It allows you to write all your text messages and share media with groups and friends registered in your WhatsApp; Do not hesitate to download it, it is a unique program.

Download Black WhatsApp for Android Download and update Black WhatsApp latest version

Black WhatsApp 🤩keeps chats so that your WhatsApp chats are not deleted or lost, you must first know what kind of WhatsApp version you are using.

One of the most important applications that have been updated in the recent period, especially for users, and this updated version and instant messaging takes care of that special version; The user is allowed to send messages at any time.

✅Black WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the latest version, is very special, as it is possible to download and update WhatsApp. With ease, it is indicated that the version is considered one of the most important applications that have been updated in the last period, and it is very special.

Allows the user to send messages at any time and in Black status.

WhatsApp The user can receive many videos, photos, and communication between friends and groups on your WhatsApp, as you can, dear Black WhatsApp user.

Write all your text messages and share media. with groups and friends registered in your WhatsApp, referred to as Black WhatsApp; It contains expressive stickers and some cool images that you can use in Black WhatsApp.

The most important features of Black WhatsApp, the latest version

Download Black WhatsApp🥰 All of these programs can be used on your phone because they have good features, including the following:

💠Dear WhatsApp user, you can add all the options to send group messages in your WhatsApp groups on your mobile phone with ease.

💠 With Black WhatsApp, you can also separate the conversation with the same feature that distinguishes Telegram.

💠 The floating button has been developed and changed for ease of use and without difficulties.

💠 Dear Black WhatsApp user, you can hide your appearance and at the same time you can send and receive messages with ease.

💠Black WhatsApp You can control it dear user to hide or show the floating button as you wish.

💠 Make options to change the notification color for registered people. I have your phone and who sees your status on WhatsApp or sees your private photos on WhatsApp.

💠 Added a bottom bar to the conversation at the bottom of the home screen.

💠Dear user, you can close Black WhatsApp by making a new fingerprint for you to ensure that he does not open your WhatsApp and see your privacy and messages.

💠 Black WhatsApp is developed by adding options to select all deleted messages.

💠The developer of the Black WhatsApp app, has released the latest version of when downloading documents and videos.

💠You can put night mode feature in full mode for WhatsApp.

💠Black WhatsApp has changed and downloaded the emoji type, and the @mention option has been improved to see who reminds you of your WhatsApp groups.

💠 The problem of the download button for WhatsApp statuses or in the display case has been resolved.

💠 Solve the problem of improving options related to notifications, such as changing the color of the profile picture of people who have done this, and changing the color of the person who is currently online.

The most important features of the Black WhatsApp update

All versions have the same features and functionality and these features include:

🔰 In Black WhatsApp latest version you can activate the mobile stickers feature.

🔰 Improve the performance and speed of Black WhatsApp.

🔰Dear user, you can hide your secret chat options, and this feature is available in Black WhatsApp.

🔰You can set dark mode and transparent mode in WhatsApp at any time.

🔰 A new feature has been added in Black WhatsApp, that is vpn proxy breaker.

🔰User quickly accesses conversations in Black WhatsApp🤗 without going back to the main menu again.

🔰 Dear user, you can send a number of messages at the same time, which is called an explosive text.

🔰 You can also easily work on text decoration after writing.

🔰 Make it easy to download premium themes.

🔰You can also use Black WhatsApp apk to add quick poetic text options.

🔰 Activate the status feature to be similar to Instagram statuses.

🔰 Add a number of new effects in the options.

🔰Added more options and notifications have been addressed.

What are the features of Black WhatsApp apk?

Black WhatsApp😍 has the following features, which are as follows:

🔅Black WhatsApp, now more secure than its predecessor, in addition to being an anti-ban program.

🔅 The release has been extended to about three months, starting from the date of its publication.

🔅 Reactivate the options for translating texts in several languages.

🔅 New models have been added to renew the interfaces of adding WhatsApp.

🔅 Forward messages, mark them and send them to an unlimited number.

🔅 Dear user, you can pin more than 1000 conversations at one time.

🔅 When you download the Black WhatsApp program, you will find many other features.

What is Black WhatsApp?

Black WhatsApp🥰, the latest version, is a modified version of the original WhatsApp.

➰ Provides the functionality of the official version of WhatsApp.

➰ Download Black WhatsApp, which is characterized by the presence of self-disappearing messages, as well as automatic reply to your friends' messages

➰ The feature of hiding messages has been developed and provided through the settings of your conversations in Black WhatsApp.

➰Also, when you download the Black WhatsApp program, you, dear user, will enjoy many features; You will learn the steps to do the process of self-hidden messages within the application.

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